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My Partners Reaction To Me Going Vegan

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So, I’m going to whine about how my partner’s reaction to my being vegan was absurd. I mean, I assumed it would just be a casual talk, but it quickly developed into a full-fledged circus act.

My companion first pretended that I was attempting to join some sort of cult. He started yelling at me, asking why I was torturing myself, and if I was going to start dressing in hemp and playing bongos in the park. Seriously, I mean? Do you have anything better, buddy?

He then actually had the nerve to make the claim that I needed meat and dairy in order to thrive. Apparently, I was putting my health at danger and would eventually grow weak and undernourished, according to this man. What do you mean, how is he now a nutritionist? He’s a typical couch potato who adores greasy burgers last time I checked.

But the really shocking part was when he pretended that I was personally assaulting him by turning vegan. He claimed that I was attempting to influence him in some way and that I was criticising him for eating meat. All I’m attempting to do is live my own life and act in accordance with my moral principles. I’m not attempting to persuade him to carry out any actions that he chooses not to.

He then began mocking my tofu and lentils, saying they resembled cat food, which was the cherry on top of the entire situation. How immature is he, really?

I’m not sure I can handle this level of absurdity, but I won’t let his ignorance or hostility stand in the way of my convictions. If anything, this simply makes me more determined to demonstrate to him that going vegan is not only morally and physically important, but it can also be tasty and rewarding to do at the same time.

I feel more determined than ever. I’m definitely on a mission and all those sceptics and doubters out there better look out. Eventually, I’m also hoping that my spouse will change his mind and decide to embark on this plant-based diet with me. I am however content with my tofu scramble for the time being.


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