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Shocking Change: 10 years as a Specialist, yet Veganism stunned me by transforming my health!

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Just wanted to hop on here and say hello to my fellow vegans! 🌱 I can’t hold back my emotions much longer. I really have to share my amazing discovery with every one of you. As a specialist in the medical field for more than 10 years, I was generally wary about veganism and its effect on wellbeing. However, thankfully, I was wat off-base! You won’t believe, the phenomenal results I’ve had since embracing this plant-based way of life. It threw me for a loop!

At the point when I originally chose to go vegan, I kept a careful track of my blood work and marks such as glucose, oxygen, gut health and a bunch more. The changes were astronomical! My lipid profile showed a huge decrease in LDL cholesterol levels, which we as a whole know is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease. I Just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My triglycerol levels astonishingly lowered too. In fact, I had to run the numbers twice just to make sure! 😲

But that’s not all. Stand by for more. There’s something else! My blood pressure, which was a bit on the higher side, is now in the healthy normal range for my age group (which is fantastic news for my poor heart). making my cardiovascular framework more joyful than any time in recent memory. Also, don’t even get me talking about my energy levels. Farewell fatigue and weakness and hello endless energy! 💪

The scale has likewise been a reliable friend on my vegan adventure. Shedding those additional pounds has been similar to watching a clinical supernatural occurrence. My BMI dropped to a normal range, and my abdomen fat decreased altogether, which greatly reduces by risk of developing metabolic issues.

Also, the clincher? My skin! I’ve generally battled with different dermatological issues, yet prepare to be blown away. My skin has never looked better than it does today! The plant-based goodness has gifted me with a brilliant glowing skin that I never believed was conceivable.

I can’t help but confess, I was at first worried about getting sufficient protein and fundamental supplements on a vegan diet. In any case, with a smidgen of information and coordination, I easily get my daily dose of wholesome necessities. Protein? Check! Calcium? Check! Iron? Check! Vitamin B12? Check! My easy eating regimen has every form of plant-based nutrient I need.

With confidence I can with certainty say that the science backs up the medical advantages of eating a well balanced vegan diet. There are plenty of phytochemicals, fiber, and antioxidants in our fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts & seeds, and entire grains that are truly transformative for our bodies. The effect on stomach wellbeing alone is mind blowing. It has the potential for lessening inflammation and even reversing chronic disease.

On the off chance that you had asked me a year prior if I could be going wild over about veganism on a subreddit, I’d probably have laughed in your face. Yet, I’m right here, totally excited to be a part of this truly amazing vegan community, sharing my story, and motivating others to embrace this groundbreaking way of life.

My advice to anybody out there who is interested about going vegan, I sincerely urge you to try it out. Trust me, you will not be regret it. The medical advantages are so real, and the potential for changing your life is priceless! 🌱❤️


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