About Us

How Caavakushi Got Started

Caavakushi was dreamt up by a small team in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic.

The project took months instead of years to achieve thanks to the long hours put in by the dedicated team members.

Caavakushi is a truly global company. It has vegan users and team members across the world.

Meet The Caavakushi Team

Tom Kent – Digital Marketing Manager

Tina Green – Editor

Ashley Bell – Customer Services Manager

Katie Brown – HR Manager

Mike Smith – Newsletter Editor


The Caavakushi Mission

The Caavakushi team had a goal to create a vegan search engine that searches the internet for all things vegan. The founders wanted to make a search engine that gathered only plant-based results from the internet.

The pandemic opened the creator’s eyes to a lot of things that they hadn’t come across in their lifetime. They noticed that a lot of animals around the world were being neglected, forgotten, abused, tortured, and murdered for meat. They also became aware that the climate change crisis would soon become irreversible if drastic action was not taken.

So they vowed to help change this and put a stop to the suffering of animals across our planet. Another one of their goals is to reverse the effects of climate change and help save the Earth from extinction. So they decided that a percentage of the site’s profits would exclusively be donated to charities around the world that help stop animal suffering and prevent & reverse the effects of climate change.

Use Caavakushi as your primary search engine and help us donate more to help animals in need and save our planet.

Caavakushi also believes in equal rights for all. This opinion is expressed in the site’s blog articles, social media and forum. This will continue to be expressed throughout the entire lifespan of the company.



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