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Caavakushi Post Submission Rules:


All content must be original (we check for copyright). The work you submit must be entirely your own and must not have been posted anywhere else on the Internet e.g. your blog.

Word Count

Minimum 1500 (no maximum limit).


All articles should be relevant to veganism.


We accept submissions written in languages other than English but you must also submit an English translated copy. We will post both copies on the blog. All content submitted in languages other than English will be checked by our team.


Your post must have at least 6 high quality images (maximum image width 2500 & height 3000 in pixels). All images must be free from copyright. They should be original photos taken and owned by you or your company.


Include a short bio at the end of your post, with a headshot plus website and or social media.


Submitted content maybe edited and the editor’s decision is final.

Submission Form

Submit Vegan Podcast Interview Request

We want to hear your vegan story and so do many others across the world. Now we are finally able to give you the opportunity to tell other vegans about your journey whatever it maybe and how veganism impacted it. Contact us on the form below if your interested in being interviewed on the Vegan Life With Caavakushi podcast.

Submit Vegan YouTube Interview/Other Ideas Request

Our vegan audience loves YouTube. It’s where they get most of their vegan recipes and all sorts of other useful information about veganism. If you have an interesting story to tell about your vegan journey or have a recipe to share with our audience we’d love to hear from you. Contact us below to be featured on the Caavakushi YouTube channel.

Submit Vegan Advertising Queries

If you’re considering applying to advertise on Caavakushi, remember that we only accept applications from companies that are vegan friendly. Please do not waste your time or ours by applying if your business is not vegan friendly.


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