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Mocked By A Stranger At A Dinner Party

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My recent strange experience with a non-vegan left me shocked and upset. Since I choose to live a vegan lifestyle, I’m accustomed to dealing with criticism and doubt about my decision, but this was just different!

I attended a dinner party of a friend of a friends when a stranger who was there began questioning me about my veganism. I attempted to gently respond to their inquiries at first, but they persisted, and ultimately they started making fun of me for not eating meat or dairy.

Being treated that way was upsetting and infuriating, especially considering that I wasn’t imposing my views on other people. I just wanted to have fun with my friends and enjoy the night without worrying about being looked down upon or made fun of.

The non-vegan guest, however, escalated the situation when he began acting like an animal and waving portions of meat in my face while making loud, annoying noises. I felt like I was being attacked since it was such a blatant act of contempt.

As I tried to defend myself and let them know that their actions were wrong, they just laughed and thought I was being overly sensitive. I was unhappy and ashamed, so I decided to leave the party early.

Being subjected to this behaviour is annoying, especially since all I want is to live my life in accordance with my personal principles and ideals. I shouldn’t have to defend or explain my choice to be vegan to other people because it is a personal one.

I wish non-vegans would have a greater respect for vegans and personal preferences. It is possible to differ without being abrasive or harmful, and I hope that moving forward, people can have more fruitful and civil discussions about these problems.

(My friend did defend me and my choices and was also disgusted at this guys behaviour. But shockingly no one else felt the need to say anything in my defence.)

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