Plant 7 Trees To Reverse Climate Change & The Extinction Countdown

Redwood Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change


The world has gone through hell since 2020, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The destruction of trees through forest fires and deforestation is at the highest it has is ever been in the history of the earth. Life as we know it has changed so drastically in the last 50 years. We’re putting immense strain and pressure on our ecosystem and it is collapsing before eyes. Mother nature is crying out for help because she can’t cope with the toxic chemicals we continue to pump out into our earths atmosphere, forests, rivers, and oceans. We’ve got to the point where we have to listen to the scientist whether we like it or not. We have to accept that climate change is real and adjust the way we live our lives. If we don’t do something about it soon we are all at risk of extinction.

Do You Believe In Climate Change?

As we all know climate change is a controversial topic. Do you believe in climate change? You probably know people on both sides of the fence with regards to the climate change issue. People who believe in climate change have been campaigning for years. They want to reduce the world’s global emissions to prevent further damage to our planet. People have taken to the streets to protest for and against climate change. In recent years climate change has also been used as a political weapon by governments in order to help further their agenda.

Global Climate Change Crisis

We need the oxygen that the trees produce to breathe. Without them, the human race and the animal kingdom cannot survive. Irreversible changes have taken place and the only option we have left is to band together as a globe community and to put a stop to it. No matter who or where you are on this earth if you don’t help tackle this issue you will most certainly be contributing to the mutual destruction of life on earth.

Climate Change Causes & Solutions

If you want to learn more about the facts surrounding climate change we recommend you watch a documentary film called Cowspiracy. This documentary gives an insightful look into the causes of climate change and what you can do as an individual to help end it. If we all band together as a United human race there’s no doubt that we can beat climate change and prevent our otherwise inevitable extinction. We can only do this by taking steps now to reduce our carbon footprint. Using more alternative energy sources which don’t produce greenhouse gases. Planting more trees, as trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a by-product.


Picking The Right Tree

Planting trees is a great way for you to take action against climate change and help reverse its effects on the planet. There’s so many different species off trees to choose from. Where should one start? So the staff at Caavakushi, decided to help people pick the right trees to plant. The team recognised that each tree species has its own charms and benefits. Everyone agreed that the best trees to plant in order to help counteract the negative effects of climate change, would be trees that produce large amounts of oxygen. So we did our research and found what we think are some of the best oxygen producing trees around the world. We have also took the liberty to add some links so you can purchase seeds and trees without having to hunt them down on the internet.

7 Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change

7 Trees

These are the top 7 staff picks for trees to plant to save the planet from extinction by climate change:

7. Curry Tree

Curry trees are found in Asian countries such as India. In some countries it maybe referred to as sweet neem. The curry tree can only be grown in warmer climates, much like citrus trees. The optimum temperatures for this tree range between tropical to subtropical. Curry trees self pollinate and produce white flowers and sweet berries which are also edible. Curry leaves are often described as having a distinct aroma. These particular trees are traditionally used in cooking. They are also used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Years ago the leaves were typically harvested for locals to add flavour to their dishes. Nowadays these curry leaves are exported all around the world.

6. Poplar

Poplar trees are great for the environment. These trees reduce desertification and soil erosion. They provide food and shelter for many different species. The wood itself is soft and spongy which makes it easily susceptible to rotting of the trunk and branches. Gale force winds can also cause branches to break off and in some cases the trees maybe uprooted because they are not too far from the soils surface. Due to the size and thickness of their roots it would be advisable to plant them away from underground structures and home foundations, as they could cause unwanted damage in the future. The lifespan of these trees ranges from between 30 to 50 years.



5. Birch

Birch trees are normally small to medium sized in height and grow rapidly. They are easily identified by their paper like bark which looks like it’s peeling off the tree. Although there are many species of birch tree which can be found around the world, these trees are more accustomed to temperate climates.
The average lifespan of a birch tree is between 60 to 90 years. You should however be aware that they are prone to damage from insects. They do best in rainy regions where the soil tends to remain damp. The wet earth is perfect as birch trees are thirsty and drink a lot of water. They are most commonly found in north America, Europe and Japan.

Birch Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change

4. Spruce

Spruce trees are one of the largest trees on our list. They can grow between 60-200ft in height. Spruce trees are generally found in the northern hemisphere. Each of the needles on its branches are attached individually. The needles are square in shape and effortlessly roll between your fingers. Caution is advised when touching the tree, as the needles are sharp and pointy. You may also have seen these trees cut and sold at Christmas which is sad as these trees can live anywhere from 150- 900 years. Imagine how much oxygen they could help pump out in that time frame. They’re part of the evergreen family and pump oxygen into the air 365 days a year.

Spruce Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change

3. Beech

Beech trees normally grow to roughly 40 meters in height and have a smooth grey bark. They can be found in the temperate climates of Europe, North America and some parts of Asia. Beech trees have been known to live between 200 and 400 years. One of the most distinctive characteristic of beech trees are their low hanging branches. Unfortunately these trees are susceptible to bark disease. Infestations by certain insects is normally the culprit. Surprisingly beech is also stronger than oak. Beech trees are great for the ecosystem. The nuts that fall from their branches are a great source of nourishment for many species.

Beach Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change

2. Maple Tree

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life you’ve probably heard of maple syrup. These days a lot of sugar maples trees are tapped. The trees sap is extracted to create the maple syrup. This is the very same maple syrup you pour over your pancakes. Maple trees are native to North America, Northern Africa, Europe and Asia. This trees thrive in deep moist soil. The life expectancy of a maple tree varies according to the type of maple it is. Sugar maples can live to 400 years, where as silver maples normally only live to see 100 years. These trees can grow to heights of between 10 to 45 meters in height. Each species has its own unique characteristics. Insects infestations and root rot are the most common causes of maple death.

Maple Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change


1. Douglas fir

Douglas fir is a type of evergreen conifer species of tree. It’s needles are softer and flatter than those on a spruce tree. Which also makes it difficult for you to roll them between your fingers. They are native to North America and are the favourite choose of Christmas trees. Douglas firs are over farmed and harvested for the festive season, just to be thrown out in the trash the day after Christmas. These trees can easily outlive humans. With their life span ranging between 200 to 1000 years, it’s hard not to see why protecting these trees is important. They made the top of our list because they produce the most oxygen. All trees release oxygen through their leaves. When their leaves fall off they can no longer produce oxygen. Unlike deciduous trees evergreen trees produce oxygen all year round, because they don’t shed their leaves and become bare.

Douglas Fir Trees To Plant To Reverse Climate Change


Which trees from this article are you considering planting to help counteract the effects of climate change? Have you already planted one of these trees? Which one is your favourite? You can always find out more information on fighting climate change by using the Caavakushi vegan search engine. The trees are the lungs of the Earth without them we literally can’t breathe. Deforestation caused by animal agriculture and forest fires are helping to fast track global warming to the point of no return. If everyone on earth planted tree seeds regularly we could potentially prevent the extinction of the entire animal and human race.


Plant 7 Trees To Reverse Climate Change & The Extinction Countdown

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