Top 20 Vegan Easter Eggs

Vegan Easter Eggs

Vegan Easter Egg

Yes the mythical creatures known as the vegan Easter eggs do exist and not just in our dreams. Hard to get your head around isn’t it? Probably because of the fact that we have gone so long without even daring to dream up such an idea. We’ve (us vegans) unfortunately not been accustomed to delicacies like this being so readily available on our local supermarket shelves. But thankfully the tide has turned for the better. Now we can shop for Easter eggs just like the others do. What non-vegans take for granted is definitely a fantasy come true for the plant-based community.

The List

As this concept is very new to us all we at Caavakushi I’ve decided to make things a bit easier for the plant-based community. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 vegan Easter eggs for 2021. We’ve navigated through all the brands and were surprised to see so many different shapes and sizes. Another happy Discovery was the amazing range of flavours that are available on the market today. Unfortunately we did stumble upon some strange vegan Easter eggs which we talked about in our previous article (Vegan Easter Egg That Some Shoppers Are Calling Inappropriate). We felt it was only right for us to do the homework so you don’t have to. All to help you find the vegan Easter eggs that are perfect for you and you’re loved ones this Easter.

20. Nomo Vegan & Free From Fruit & Crunch Egg & Bar

If you’re not that into fruity chocolate this vegan Easter egg is probably not the right choice for you. It packs quite a heavy fruity flavour and has crunchy texture. The fruity taste is courtesy of the raisins. So if you’re not into raisins this is definitely something you should try. The Easter egg is also nut-free. The egg itself is also accompanied by a thick rich chocolate bar. Although the chocolate bar is small everyone on the Caavakushi team agreed that it was very filling. This vegan Easter egg would definitely be a perfect dairy-free alternative for people that hate having to make boring Easter egg choices.

Nomo vegan Easter eggs

19. Moo Free Milk Choc Bunnycomb Vegan Easter Eggs

The packaging for this Easter egg is very colourful and interactive which makes it the perfect choice for kids. This particular Easter egg also features a surprise inside (don’t worry we won’t ruin it for you). At 95 grams it’s not a big egg, but it’s just the right size for kids. Another little thing the team liked was the plant-based honeycomb that the egg was made out of. The honeycomb flavour is very subtle.

Moo free vegan Easter eggs

18. Happi Oat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Plain Milk

If your someone who appreciates the simpler things in life then this 170 gram Easter egg was made for you. It’s a good option for kids who generally prefer plain chocolate Easter eggs. This may also be the perfect choice for someone who’s not very adventurist with their are chocolate choices. The Caavakushi team found the Easter egg to be very smooth and comforting in taste. The team noted the the neutral brown tones of the packaging helped indicate that this was a plain milk chocolate vegan egg. The Happi milk chocolate Easter egg is made for anyone who enjoys eating milk chocolate.

Happi vegan Easter eggs

17. Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Vegan Easter Eggs

This Easter egg had an interesting combination of flavours according to the Caavakushi team. Weighing in at only 80g’s this is one of the smallest Easter eggs our team sampled. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave an impression. To our surprise, we found that it did in fact have an explosive taste. This egg would make a great gift for a child at Easter, not only because of the taste but also because of the exciting packaging and it’s like child size.

Moo free vegan Easter eggs

16. Plamil So Free White Chocolate Alternative Easter Egg

White chocolate although tempting and delicious has its flaws. This is definitely not one for the kids. It makes little monsters out of the children. It will send them on a sugar high, only for them to then come crashing down when the sugar wears off. Not to mention the residual tummy ache. It does however come with a cheeky little extra. Each Easter egg box contains a bunny bar along with a hollow egg. The bar makes for a great snack when you need a quick sugar rush. Although it’s not the best choice for the little ones or their teeth, it maybe just right for adults who love intense sweetness. The Caavakushi team would advise you to take heed and eat this Easter egg in moderation. Perhaps snacking on it throughout the day would be better than devouring it in one sitting.

So free vegan Easter egg

15. Elizabeth Shaw Mint Selection Vegan Chocolate Easter Egg

Attention all mint chocolate lovers, the Caavakushi team have found your vegan Easter egg soulmate. The egg has a honeycomb crisp with a dark chocolate and mint flavour. The packaging is very on theme for this holiday season. The team gave the packaging for this Easter egg the highest marks (great use of colour Elizabeth Shaw). The mint green and pastel pink colours used on the box were the most Easter like colour comb we have seen for a vegan Easter egg in 2021. If that wasn’t enough this egg also has a selection of 12 mints. The three types are dark mint crisp, mint crèmes and mint Neapolitans. We couldn’t agree on which mint we liked the most but each had their strong points. Which one would you pick? Perhaps this vegan egg should be reserved for an older crowd after Easter dinner.

Elizabeth Shaw vegan Easter egg

14. Lindt GOLD BUNNY Vegan-Friendly Dark Chocolate

This delicious dark chocolate bunny is a bit on the small side. Despite its small stature it has a very rich taste. It surprisingly satisfies your need for chocolate without over indulging. You don’t have to worry about regretting your decision to chow down on this Easter egg. This eggs size ensures that it won’t leave you or the kids with a terrible tummy ache. The bunny is neatly wrapped in gold foil and the Lindt signature bell is tided around the rabbits neck with a bow. Being that Lindt is such a well known chocolate brand this bunny would make a great gift for all of your friends and family.

lindt vegan Easter egg

13. Divine Dark Chocolate Luxury Dark Egg

We felt that this Vegan dark chocolate egg needed a spot on our list. It not only lived up to its name but it also made the Caavakushi team feel very regal. The added bonus of the mini praline eggs complemented the main dark chocolate egg. Eating this Easter egg felt like a luxury experience. The only down side is that this Easter egg comes with a big price tag (we think it’s worth every penny). This would be a great gift to impress someone older with on Easter.

Divine vegan Easter egg

12. Butter Milk Dark Chocolate Cacao Duo Easter Egg

This Easter egg is wrapped in a vibrant golden foil which stands out beautifully against the navy blue packaging it’s encased in. The Caavakushi team really enjoyed the taste of the dark chocolate. But where it really stood out for the team was the classic elegant packaging. Do you like the packaging? The dark chocolate was divine and full of lasting flavour. As a team we felt this egg was more suited to a more mature clientele.

Buttermilk vegan Easter eggs

11. Moo Free Sour Cherry Vegan Easter Eggs

Now this Easter egg was very intriguing to the Caavakushi team. We’ve never come across a sour Easter egg until now. Have you? We weren’t too sure how it was going to taste to be honest. Our team is comprised of people who like to take risks and live adventurously, so we were up for the challenge. Who would have thought most of the team members would actually like it. Having said that we don’t believe this flavour for everyone. It maybe best to gift this egg to kids and young adults who have an adventurous side to them.

Moo free vegan Easter eggs

10. Nomo Vegan Creamy Chocolate Egg & Bar

Every member of the Caavakushi team loved the rich creamy texture of this Easter egg. In terms of taste it was the overall favourite plain chocolate Easter egg we tasted. The chocolate bar in the box was an added treat. We genuinely feel that this Easter egg could work as a gift for anyone regardless of their age or chocolate preferences. We haven’t come across a lot of people who dislike high quality plane chocolate. Have you?

Nomo vegan Easter egg


9. Plamil So Free Milk Chocolate Alternative Easter Egg

The Caavakushi team decided that this Easter egg was the best budget friendly option for anyone looking for a milk chocolate vegan Easter egg. It tastes like delicious milk chocolate. We were shocked to find it also comes with a sharing bag of miniature eggs. We couldn’t believe the sharing bag was included at this low price point. This Easter egg is truly a bargain. This cheap and cheerful option is great if you have multiple kids to purchase plant-based Easter eggs for this year.

So free vegan Easter egg

8. Divine Vegan Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Easter Egg

Who knew that dark chocolate and raspberry were a match made in heaven? Don’t you feel like dark chocolate and raspberry belong on a dessert menu at an expensive restaurant? For some reason this combination just seems to work so well. Each ingredient really makes the other shine. It’s sure worth a try if your up for it. The Caavakushi team felt the packaging was very alluring and brought the egg to life. If you love trying new flavours this is the Easter egg for you!

Divine vegan Easter egg

7. Buttermilk Orange Crisp Chocolate Easter Egg & Soldier

Unless your living under a rock you’ve probably tried chocolate orange. But have you combine chocolate orange with orange flavoured caramel flakes? Well we didn’t think so. You can also enjoy the zingy chocolate orange bar with a friend. The orange packaging is lovely. We felt the Easter egg was for an older crowd. The egg is better suited for adults and teenager.

Buttermilk vegan Easter egg

6. Cox & Co. Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

The Caavakushi team thought that the Cox & Co. dark chocolate Easter eggs packaging was very elegant and understated. Which also gives the illusion that it is a lot more expensive than it is priced at. In fact it is one of the least costly vegan Easter eggs on our list (which was really surprising to most of the team). Another aspect of the packaging that we loved was that it is 100% sustainable. This means that all the packaging is made from fully biodegradable card and vegetable-based inks. It also has compostable film bags made from wood pulp. This means there are no single use plastics used in this product. If that doesn’t sell you on this egg the flavour certainly will. It has a very rich and deep taste and that thanks to the 60% cacao dark chocolate that each 170 gram egg comprises of. It’s an egg that will impress the older generation such as grandparents and in-laws.

Cox Co vegan Easter egg

5. Plamil So Free Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Plamil have done it again. They created a close to prefect vegan dark chocolate Easter egg for families on a budget. If you or a loved one are dark chocolate enthusiasts this is probably right up your street. It also comes with a sharing bag of miniature eggs that you can share with friends and family. We believe this egg is an all-rounder. It’s an Easter egg that anyone of any age can enjoy.

So free vegan Easter egg

4. Buttermilk Salted Caramel Duo Vegan Easter Egg

This Easter egg was a nice twist on salted caramel. If you like salted caramel you can’t go wrong with this egg. It brings something different to the table. It adds a crunchy texture. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side it does come with an added deal sealer. It includes a salted caramel chocolate bar that you can snack on later. The mixed textures and crunch lead the team to believe this egg would make a great gift for adults.

Buttermilk vegan Easter egg

3. Happi Chocolate Orange Free From Easter Egg

If you haven’t tried mixing chocolate with orange you’re truly missing out. Although we did try a few different plant-based chocolate orange Easter eggs this one was our favourite. It is also one of the heavyweights on the list. Punching in at 170 grams, it’s one of those eggs that you can easily overindulge in. The packaging is very different for other eggs. The Easter egg is housed in a orange and green coloured gift bag with an oval handle. These bold colours are very eye catching. This Easter egg is more suited for anyone who loves to try new flavours or already has a passion for chocolate orange.

Happi vegan Easter egg

2. NOMO Vegan Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Easter Egg and Drops

This Easter egg without a doubt bought sometime different and exciting to the vegan Easter egg world. It’s for someone who likes the taste of hazelnuts in their chocolate. The egg itself is accompanied by four hazelnut flavoured chocolate drops. This Easter egg is probably not suitable for people who don’t like the taste of hazelnuts. It appeals to a specific audience. There is in fact a twist in this Easter eggs story. Even though it is a hazelnut flavoured Easter egg, the egg and drops are actually nut free. So anyone with nut allergies is free to eat this egg. Small children and people who don’t like the taste of hazelnuts should probably avoid this one.

Nomo Vegan Easter egg

1.Nomo Vegan & Free From Caramel & Sea Salt Egg & Bar

This Easter egg won with a landslide victory. Most of the Caavakushi team fell in love with this egg at first taste and the others followed at second. Although it’s not the only salted caramel Easter egg to be feature on our list it’s 100% the cream of the crop. It isn’t the largest Easter egg, but it definitely proved that quality is king. The creamy chocolate and caramel seamlessly mixes with the sea salt to create the perfect flavour of chocolate salted caramel. This egg also comes with a chocolate bar which tasted identical to the Easter egg. We think this egg is perfect for most ages but it would be most appreciated by teenagers and adults. What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

Nomo vegan Easter egg


Have you tried any of these vegan Easter eggs? Which one hits the spot for you and your loved ones? What Easter egg is your kids current favourite? Let us know on if we missed out your favourite vegan Easter eggs on Instagram or twitter. To learn more about vegan Easter eggs and other vegan chocolates try searching ‘Easter egg’ on the Caavakushi vegan search engine. Our search engine will pull all the vegan Easter egg results local to you.

Top 20 Vegan Easter Eggs

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