35 London Vegan Instagram Influencers On The Rise

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Vegan Micro Influencers

It’s safe to say that vegan food micro Instagram influencers are definitely on the rise in London. What was once a rare site is now becoming much more of a common occurrence. In the past people were ostracized for adopting a vegan lifestyle. Now thanks to a shift in trends we’re seeing more and more people going vegan. Veganism is becoming more acceptable. Some might even say it’s become mainstream. This has allowed for a new sub-genre of food blogger to come into existence. Restaurants and the food industry now take notice of vegan food bloggers. Plant based food critics hold a lot of clout in the Vegan sector and brands are finally beginning to understand their worth.

Vegan Burger

From all the cities in the world the Caavakushi team decided to pick London. It’s a progressive city with a melting pot of cultures neatly packed into a small space. We believe that with diversity of cultures comes acceptance of other people’s way of life. No wonder London is one of the world’s most rapidly growing vegan cities in 2021.

We’ve compiled a list of who we believe will be the next big London vegan food influences on Instagram. These micro-influencers are really making their presence known on social media. They are definitely some of London’s finest plant-based influencers & up-and-coming chefs. Browsing through their Instagram grids you can really see the culinary artistry behind each of these London vegan food influencers. Some of these influencers even create each dish in their own unique personal style. Each is different and interesting in their own right. A few are also more flamboyant than others. These vegan Londoners are definitely worth a follow on Instagram.

35. vegangirls_diary – Vegan Blogger | BECKA 🌱

Becka’s a micro Instagram influencer based between Essex and London. Her grid is all about her vegan lifestyle. It features meals she’s cooked, restaurant dishes and food products she has purchased. Becka also loves to express herself through vegan fashion. If your new to veganism and are on the market for a vegan lifestyle influencer in London Becka’s colourful posts will not disappoint.

34. plantedbyplants – Julia


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A post shared by Julia (@plantedbyplants)

Julia has a very unique theme that flows through her Instagram grid. You may notice that the pictures not only display the vegan food she cooks but also have a literary aspect to them as well. Some of her photos of plant-based dishes are decorated in the background with an open book featuring text. The Caavakushi team as a whole had never come across anything like this and we felt completed to include her Instagram on this list. Another great feature of her account is that she writes the recipes of each meal she has prepared under every post. This is perfect for someone who wants to replicate the delicious meals they have seen on her Instagram.

33. kelliesveganlife – Kellie Galer 🌱

Kellie has a bright and beautiful Instagram account filled with vegan dishes. She adds some of the products that were used to make the food alongside each plate. Kellie also has great recipes written under most of the meals that she’s created. Maybe you could try some out yourself and tag her (I’m sure she would love to see you attempting to recreate her food).

32. lunchingwithlaila – Laila


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A post shared by Laila (@lunchingwithlaila)

If you glance through Laila’s grid the first thing that you will pick up on is that she seems to have a bit of a sweet tooth. Her food always looks tempting. If you’re a fan of sweet dishes check out Laila’s Instagram account for ideas.

31. thesilverhairedvegan – Silver Haired Vegan

The Silver Haired Vegan has a very simple style all round. The meals she cooks are very easy to prepare. The presentation is also very simple and focuses on the food. If you’re new to veganism or not a very confident in the kitchen the Silver Haired Vegans Instagram feed will surely help you feel more at ease when it comes to cooking a vegan meal.

30. ella__vegan – Ella – Vegan Food Blogger

Ella has a very eye catching Instagram feed fill with yummy vegan meals. The Caavakushi team we inspired to create their very own vegan brunch after browsing through Ella’s photos. If you like a hearty vegan breakfast Ella definitely has a few interesting takes on a vegan English breakfast for you to try at home.

29. lostinveganfood – Noemi


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A post shared by Noemi (@lostinveganfood)

Noemi has a lot of interesting plant-based dishes on her Instagram. You may also notice Noemi has a cute cat that you may spot from time to time on her feed. She has a very relatable laid back approach. Noemi’s grid is great for those who are easily intimidated by vegan food accounts filled with unattainably perfect pictures of food.

28. bobbysveganfood – Bobbys Vegan Food 🥑

Bobby has a diverse collection of dishes. Her Feed is without a doubt very bright and hunger inducing. She also features a lot of food products that some of the team at Caavakushi were shocked to find out are actually vegan. If you’re into food porn we recommend you give her a follow.

27. properveganfood – Jack & Em 🌿 Proper Vegan Food

Jack & Em’s vegan meals are extremely appetising thanks to their detailed photography and clever use of colour in their dishes. If you like beautifully put together and commercially appealing plant-based food photos, then Jack & Em are what you’re looking for.

26. thevegangals – Georgina & Sandra | Vegan Food

Georgina & Sandra’s feed is very Instagram friendly. It screams young, vegan and fun. Neatly labelled (in green) restaurants saved stories are a great resource for those looking for vegan friendly spots to eat out in London. This duo is great to follow if your looking for locate restaurant recommendations and a grid that always looks like a good time.

25. eatsbylauren – Lauren 🌱🌻

Lauren’s pictures are clean and simple. Most of the photos don’t have a lot going on in the background which lets the viewer focus on the vegan dish. The meals are not over the top and extravagant. Lauren’s account is ideal for the average vegan Joe to get ideas for their next meal.

24. vegan_of_london – Erin & Dex – London vegan 💚🐾

Erin & Dex have a wonderful little vegan Instagram account. Dex is actually Erin’s four legged friend and they have teamed up together for Instagram. Dex probably has no idea that he’s become one of the many special London vegan Instagram influencers we have featured on our list. If you love vegan food and dogs you need to take a peek at Erin & Dex’s Instagram account.

23. paritakansagra – Parita | vegan food blogger

Parita’s vegan food grid looks very professional and aesthetically appealing. As a bonus she has a link to her very own free recipe eBook in her Instagram Bio. If you enjoy the aesthetics of a clean cut professional finish when browsing through vegan food accounts on Instagram Parita’s feed would be right up your ally.

22. outstandingvegan – Cooking by Nathan-Josias 🌱

Nathan Josias is a very skilled French Chef based in London. If your interested in his recipes he also has a YouTube channel where you can learn to make his vegan dishes. His food is beautifully plated and looks as if it is Michelin star restaurant quality. You should follow Nathan on Instagram if your into high class vegan food.

21. veganezer – Ebenezer Scrooge || 🌱🌱Vegan🌱🌱

Ebenezer is of Nigerian heritage and is a vegan activist. He has a very colourful collection of vegan food photos that will make your mouth water. If you enjoy a bit of vegan food porn he’s worth a follow on Instagram.

20. asiabardzinska – asia bardzinska


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A post shared by asia bardzinska (@asiabardzinska)

Asia has a wonderfully curated grid of plant-based dishes on her Instagram account. Below each picture she likes to give her followers a few interesting nuggets of information about the ingredients she has used in the food. If nutritional facts are your thing than Asia’s Instagram should be your next stop.

19. ellsvcheffin- Vegan Student Eats

Ellsvcheffin is a vegan student from London based in Leeds. She has a great nose for sniffing out amazing vegan street food. If you’re a vegan student following Ellsvcheffin might just help you stick to your budget while enjoying tasty plant-based foods.

18. veganhuns – VEGAN HUNS


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A post shared by VEGAN HUNS (@veganhuns)

Vegan Huns is an Instagram created by three London vegan Instagram influencers that happen to be women. They share a mutual love for plant-based food and post everything from vegan breakfast to treats. If you’re curious about what vegan food these woman love to eat why not take a look?

17. itsplantbasedenergy – Patricia


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A post shared by Patricia (@itsplantbasedenergy)

Patricia is a Lithuanian girl living in London. She cooks temptingly good vegan dishes and has a diary entry under each picture. Get to know Patricia and the plant-based foods she loves to eat on her Instagram account.

16. beetsandbobs – Amesha•Bishalee 🇬🇧🇮🇳

Amesha has a bright and colour saturated vegan Instagram account. Her vegan comfort food looks out of this world. She is also a teacher and has her very own podcast. If you’re more into plant-based comfort food check out her grid (she has recipes under most posts).

15. harryturnsvegan – Harry


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A post shared by Harry 🌱 (@harryturnsvegan)

Harry’s Instagram feed is filled with stunning images of plant-based food. He seems to be a talented photographer and vegan chef. If the quality of the photos is as important for you as the vegan food itself then Harry has you covered.

14. livi.eats – LIVI


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A post shared by LIVI 🌞 (@livi.eats)

Livi is another plant-based student who lives in London and Birmingham. She has simple and easy to replicate vegan meals. If you’re looking for quick dishes to whip up Livi’s grid should definitely be visited for some inspiration.

13. veganinlockdown – Roo


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A post shared by Roo – Vegan Foodie (@roothevegan)

Roo is from London and she’s currently a student at Oxford University. She always seems to serve generous portions of food. Her grid is filled with tasty looking vegan dishes. Follow Roo for an insight into a Oxford students vegan food diary.

12. jamesmvegan – James


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A post shared by James (@jamesmvegan)

James is based in Essex and London. His vegan food grid will leave you craving more (it’s definitely vegan food porn). If you love spending hours staring at mouth watering pictures of plant-based dishes, you must follow James for more.

11. averageveganstudent – leah


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A post shared by leah 🌱 (@averageveganstudent)

Leah has a large collection of vegan meals in bowls (mainly). You can find ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner on her feed. Being a student her meals also look pretty budget friendly to. Follow Leah for ample vegan bowl options.

10. vegan_at_tiffs – Tiffany Shirley 🌱 London Vegan

Tiffany’s vegan food account has a commercial vibe. It’s very Instagram friendly plus plant-based all in one. If that’s the vibe your going for and you love picture perfect vegan meals follow Tiffany for more.

9. neozentee – Tanya Marie


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A post shared by Tanya Marie (@neozentee)

Tanya is a plant-based chef and online restaurateur based in London. She provides vegan bespoke private and home dining. Her dishes look incredible and the Caavakushi team are itching to try some of her creations. If you’re a budding vegan chef of appreciate fine vegan dinning we totally recommend following the talented Chef Tanya.

8. theyellowvegan – Rosie 🌞 | Vegan Food

Rosie has a remarkable collection of vegan meals with a twist. Each meal is as colourful as a rainbow. Her account visually stands out from others purely due to the colour schemes used in her dishes. If you’re a fan of rainbows and vegan food her grid is made for you.

7. poorlondonvegan – meg


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A post shared by meg (@poorlondonvegan)

Meg has a phenomenal eye for creating impressive vegan meals on a budget. If you’re a budget conscious vegan who likes pretty food follow Meg for endless ideas.

6. ambertheevegan – amber • vegan food & beauty ✨

Amber’s Instagram grid is filled with beautiful makeup and captivating vegan food. The self proclaimed carb queen and beauty babe has an incredible range of mind blowing vegan food photos as well as gorgeous makeup ideas. If vegan makeup and fabulous plant-based food is what you’re looking for on Instagram then she has it all.

5. pengveganmunch – Jacob


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A post shared by Jacob (@pengveganmunch)

Jacob is a vegan content and recipe creator. His plant-based food looks easy and attractive. If you’re a baby vegan Jacob will stir you in the right direction.

4. ellysplate – Elly 🌱 Vegan Food

Elly is a vegan chef who creates astonishingly hearty plant-based meals. Follow this London vegan Instagram influencers feed if you love a good hearty vegan meal or two.

3. projectveganbaking – Tom


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A post shared by Tom (@projectveganbaking)

Tom is a plant-based recipe creator and photographer. His Instagram grid focuses mainly on vegan desserts. We recommend following Tom if you have a vegan sweet tooth and enjoy dazzling plant-based professional photos and sweet treats.

2. veganbrownting – 🐷 Abby! Vegan Food Blogger

Abby has a tremendous array of a vegan dishes on her grid. She also features other vegan lifestyle photos. If you like vegan comfort food follow Abby for more.

1. londonveganquest – London Vegan Quest

Rebekah-Sarah’s Instagram grid has it all! It’s filled with good looking vegan food pictures which breakdown what each meal comprises of. The description under each post is just as interesting. We urge you all to follow this London vegan Instagram influencers very unique and striking Instagram account. You will surely be impressed by the time, effort and detail that has gone into creating each post.



Vegan Food bowl


Are you following any of those micro influencers already? Who’s your favourite Influencer on the list? Is there anyone you think should have made the list? The team at Caavakushi have their eye on these vegan micro influencers and will hopefully be keeping you informed in the future of there progress. We may even be featuring some guest posts from some of the influencers on this list in the future (so stay tune). If you or someone you know is a vegan food micro influencer tag us on Instagram and we might just shout you out on our Instagram stories.

You can find out more about veganism and London vegan Instagram influencers on the Caavakushi vegan search engine.


35 London Vegan Instagram Influencers On The Rise

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