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What Is A Forum?

It’s a place where people can come together to discuss and debate topics. Forums can be private or public. In the past long before technology existed forums were held in person only and less people participated. It was hard for most people to get access to the forum, due to lack of publicity and advertising. Work commitments prevented people from attending. Now thanks to technology we are able to participate in forums from anywhere in the world. The internet has made life a lot easier. It’s made it possible for the duration of the forum to possibly even out live the participants. In person forms have a time limit. We can’t expect people to put their lives on hold for weeks or months just to remain at a forum and engage in discussion. Lucky for us technology has evolved. That’s exactly why we decided to create a vegan forum.

Roman Forum


Caavakushi Forum

The Caavakushi team has been working very hard to get our new vegan forum up and running. It’s taken much longer than expected to get it just right. But it’s here now and we’re proud of it. Have you noticed our newest addition to the Caavakushi family?


Here at Caavakushi we are always trying to grow and evolve. We would love for you to share your thoughts and ideas with us on our new vegan forum. We would like to come together with the vegan community and help bring peace and change to our world. Our aim is to make this world a better place, not just for the human race but for all the inhabitants of this planet.

Peace For The Animals

We Welcome All

Caavakushi doesn’t discriminate. We accept people of any diet. Whether you’re a vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, meat eater or any of the other diets out there, you’re always welcome at the Caavakushi vegan forum. We believe it’s a safe space for everyone to learn about each other’s lifestyles.



100% Free

The best part of our new forum is that it’s totally free. There are a lot of forms on the internet that charged a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Fortunately Caavakushi doesn’t. We didn’t want to go down this road. The Caavakushi team felt very strongly that the forum should be freely accessible to everyone on the internet regardless off their financial circumstances. The team wants it to be very clear that we will never charge in the future. This maybe one of the only safe spaces that some people in the vegan community have where their voice can be heard. Do you agree that we should keep the Caavakushi vegan forum free for everyone?

Make Vegan Friends

Life is all about making connections. Most people want to develop meaningful relationships with others. We want to build strong bonds with individuals that we have things in common with. So it makes sense that you would want to find like-minded individuals who are on the same vegan journey as you. The Caavakushi vegan forum is the perfect place to make new friends. With new vegans joining we only hope that our forum can become a place that helps the vegan community connect with one another. A place where you can socialise with like minded people. Bond with others about the ethical reasonings behind veganism. A sanctuary for you to build lifelong vegan connections with others on the same wavelength as you.

Free Advertising

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on advertising. Market your vegan product, business or brand for free with us. Even vegan individuals and influencers have the chance to promote themselves using the Caavakushi forum. Promote your vegan social media channels, website or your blog. The possibilities are endless. We are giving you the ability to promote your business for free on the Caavakushi vegan forum. It’s not just a one-time offer. Talk about your products as much as you like with pictures and links to your website. It’s a great chance to get the word out there about your brand. Without paying a penny you can gain exposure for your vegan company. Opportunities like this don’t come often. So grab it with both hands and get to marketing on the Caavakushi vegan forum.

Animal Cruelty

The forum’s a place where you can help prevent animal cruelty around the world. It can be used to help stop the suffering of animals. Crimes against animals can be reported on the forum. As individuals alone most of us do not weald the manpower, mobility, strength, fortitude, connections or reach to make a difference. But if we come together as a community we’re stronger. Individual members of the forum can report animal abuse. The other members of our community can help by blasting these reported incidences over their social media platforms. Members can create petitions, write letters to their local government. Hopefully leading to public outrage and pressure on government’s, individuals or companies that are practicing animal cruelty. Together we can put an end to the suffering of animals. But we can’t do it without your help, without the members of this forum.




It’s a place where you can share new ideas. You never know, these ideas could hopefully one day help in the advancement of veganism. After all sharing is caring. Members can exchange tips on food prep. Post links to vegan friendly hotels and restaurants. You can even share forum posts and topics on your social media accounts.

Vegan Forum Infographic


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to go for advice if you don’t have any vegan friends or family in your life. The Caavakushi team have created this forum to strengthen the vegan community. To make it easier than ever before to the access vegan resources anywhere in the world. If you don’t have plant-based friends and family you may already know that life can be a bit isolating for a loan vegan. But with the Caavakushi vegan forum you now have the opportunity to reach out and ask for advice and help. Don’t be afraid to do so we created this space with people like you in mind. Remember that it is a public forum and therefore we discourage you from sharing your your personal details. Personal addresses, phone numbers and account details should not be shared on this forum, for your own safety.


The forum is a place where you can learn and also educate yourself and others about veganism. Learn and share new vegan recipes. Have you learnt anything new on the Caavakushi forum?

New Vegans

The Caavakushi vegan forum is a great place for new vegans. When embarking upon any new adventure in life it’s important to get the lay of the Land. You don’t want to dive in headfirst. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. Gaining knowledge on the subject and learning from other people’s experiences is the best way to proceed when you’re taking major steps to change your lifestyle. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and learn about your new lifestyle.




Let’s face it, there aren’t very many places a vegan can go and express themselves without feeling a sense of fear. The anti vegan crowd seem to come at the plant-based community at every turn. That’s another reason the Caavakushi team wanted to create this safe haven for our follow vegans.


Find out all about the latest breaking plant-based news first. Or even be the first to break news on the free Caavakushi vegan forum. Leave links to interesting articles or YouTube videos that affect the planet-based community.

Good Vegan News


For many veganism is a lifestyle choice and not just a diet. Therefore it’s important for us to interact with others facing the same challenges as we do on our vegan journeys. Connect with people who feel the same way as you do.

Forum Categories

The Caavakushi vegan forum has many categories at this moment in time. The forum is broken down into four main categories. The categories are as follows:

Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Brand’s

Animal Rights/Climate Change

Vegan News/Resources/Facts

These categories have been further broken down. Each category has again been subdivided.



Vegan Lifestyle

This category includes the following subcategories:

Guide to going vegan

Vegan restaurants

Vegan travel

Plant-based jobs

Vegan recipes

Vegan foodie

Plant-based desserts

Vegan sandwiches

Vegan wine

Plant-based pregnancy

Vegan vitamin supplements

Vegan friendly hotels

Plant-based podcast reviews

Vegan singles

Vegan athletes

How to date a vegan

Vegan food

Vegan health

Where to find vegan singles

Vegan products

Vegan dating

Plant-based junk food

Vegan pizza

Vegan meat substitutes

Plant-based beer

Vegan cocktails

Vegan Fitness

New vegan podcasts

Vegan friendly airlines

Plant-based vacations

Vegan dating tips

Vegan Brands

We currently only have three subcategories under the Vegan brands category. If you think of any other subcategories that may fall under vegan brands please let us know. Your feedback is very helpful to us.

Plant-based food brands

Vegan fashion brands

Vegan beauty brands

Animal Rights/Climate Change

This category is broken down into only two subcategories.

Animal rights activism

Climate change and veganism

Animal Rights

Vegan News/Resources/Facts

This category has been broken down into 6 subcategories.

Breaking news

Vegan celebrities

Vegan books

Plant-based resources

Vegan facts

Vegan film/TV/Video/Audio

We also hope to add more as are community expands. If you have any subcategory suggestions please let us know.



Free Account

It’s 100% free to sign up and create an account with the Caavakushi vegan forum. We wanted to keep this a free community for all vegans. No matter what the financial cost to the Caavakushi team we endeavour to keep the forum free for all. So why not sign up? It’s free!


The Caavakushi team wanted to make sure that everyone has a face and a story on the forum. Therefore we thought it imperative that we design a forum that gives the users the ability to create their own profile. We wanted to make this a personal experience for you. Your profile is where you can let your personality shine through. You can add as much information about yourself as you like. Starting with your username and your profile picture.

Colour Scheme

It wasn’t that difficult to pick the colours we wanted to use for the Caavakushi vegan forum. The most important thing for our team was that we represent veganism in the forum. Everyone knows that the colour green represents veganism. So with that in mind we used to green to emphasise that the Caavakushi vegan forum is a safe space for vegans. We also used a dark charcoal colour. This colour is used to emphasise the most serious side of the forum.

vegan colour scheme

Forum Rewards

The Caavakushi vegan forum has 10 rating levels. You might be wondering what the ratings really represent. So let’s get to explaining. The more you participate in the forum by liking, commenting and adding new topics the higher you advance in the rating levels of the forum. When you first sign up you will have half a grey badge. This is considered level 0. In order to reach a higher level you must post topics, comment on other users posts, like posts and fill out your profile. Basically the more you participate in the forum the higher your rating gets.




We currently have two moderators from the Caavakushi team. Each moderator has the power to approve and delete members or content that have posted on the forum. The team did this in order to keep the Caavakushi vegan forum community safe for everyone.


We wanted to create a place where vegans felt safe to open up and talk about the things that affect them. Probably topics that non vegans just wouldn’t understand or care for. It is a place to learn, grow and be respectful to one another. Somewhere hate and bullying will not be tolerated. We wanted to create a strong vegan community that will thrive with time.


Have you ever come across a vegan forum? What do you think about the new free Caavakushi vegan forum? Will you be signing up? Let us know your thoughts about the forum on Twitter and Instagram. Sharing is caring so share the Caavakushi vegan forum with your vegan friends, family and followers. You can also learn more about veganism by using the Caavakushi vegan search engine.



Vegan Forum That Lets You To Advertise Your Vegan Business For Free

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