5 Vegan Air Fresheners That Will Remove Any Odour From Your Home

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The idea of vegan air fresheners may seem new to some but this type of product has actually been around for awhile now. Vegan air fresheners were not always known as what they are today. In fact, in the past mostly all products were tested on animals before they were allowed to be sold to the public. The few that weren’t tested on poor defenceless creatures had a stigma attached to them. They were seen as cheap. People equated no animal testing with a lack of funds to do so. This meant that the air fresheners were seen as bottom of the barrel products for the poor and lower working class. If they didn’t go through the animal testing process the air fresheners were also considered unsafe and a danger to the public. These were usually only legally sold in countries that had loose laws regarding product safety and testing.

Fast forward a few years and the world is shifting its attitude towards these needless and barbaric practices. Most of the public and law makers are now more educated about the subjects of animal rights & animal cruelty. Most people have come to realise that animal testing is immoral. They are aware that other methods of testing products are just as good if not better. Especially now that our technology has improved significantly.

Air Fresheners

There has probably been a time in your life where you’ve had to reach for an air freshener. We’ve all been there. Don’t worry! There’s no shame in it. We don’t think about how useful an air freshener really is until we desperately need it.

Some of us have had to you use air fresheners to mask accidents in the kitchen and others to cover up unwanted odours in the bathroom. Whatever you need to cover up you can always rely on your trusty air freshener to mask any unwanted smells.

When most of us think about air fresheners we don’t really think about the ingredients that went into creating them. Nor do we think about the testing methods used to make sure they’re safe for consumers to use. But maybe it’s time that we did. Sometimes having the knowledge about what goes into making a product can help you decide if it’s the right product for you.

Vegan Air Freshener Spray

Helping Hand

It can be quite difficult sifting through air freshener brands looking for cruelty-free choices. With so many brands and fragrances to pick from finding the right vegan air freshener for you can turn into a long process. We also would like you to note that we did find it quite difficult in some cases to determine whether or not the air fresheners were actually vegan. Shockingly, a lot of digging around and emailing brands to confirm the vegan status of their air fresheners had to be done for this article. That’s why the team at Caavakushi I have decided to help out. We went through a range off plant-based air fresheners. Plus tested them out in different scenarios. Then judged them on two main important criteria the fragrance and it’s ability to mask smells.

Animal Testing

Did you know that a lot of aerosol products like air fresheners are regularly tested on animals. Are you as disappointed as the Caavakushi team to hear that? Most companies are doing the right thing and choosing not to needlessly harm animals. Despite the fact that the world is evolving shockingly some companies are choosing to carry on torturing animals for monetary gain. If we have the technology to make air fresheners without harming animals then why are companies opting to hurt animals? There’s frankly no need for it.

During this vile process of testing products, some of the animals that the products are tested on suffer so much that they are left permanently scarred. Others will suffer a slow death while screaming for mercy in excruciating pain. 

Not all air fresheners are vegan friendly. So the team at Caavakushi thought it was important that we highlighted this to the plant-based public. Did you know that not all air fresheners are vegan friendly? Do you think they should be vegan friendly/cruelty-free?

The team have been testing out a wide variety off vegan friendly air fresheners. Whether you like citrus fragrances or floral notes the Caavakushi team have definitely something for everyone. They found that the following air fresheners removed odours from their homes better than the rest. So without further ado here’s the Caavakushi teams go to vegan air fresheners.

Animal Rights



Vegan Air Fresheners

5. Airpure Fresh Press True Romance

Airpure has created a great smelling air freshener that does it’s job well. The team a Caavakushi fell in love with this fragrance from the start and thought that the name True Romance very much suited the product. It’s scent also seems to mask most unwanted smells with ease. This makes it a great choice for your bathroom.


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4. Airpure Automatic Air Freshener


This is an automatic plugin air freshener created by the brand Airpure. It has three different time settings to choice from. The air freshener brings you a fresh aroma for approximately 60 days. The refills are sold separately and you have four different scents to choose from. We tested each scent and they all performed very well at covering up nasty odours.

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Citrus zing

Citrus zing has a fruity fragrance which makes you feel like your running through a field full of lemon trees. We suggest using it in the bathroom as it is quite strong and powerful.

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Lavender moments

Lavender moments is the perfect fragrance to use in your living room space as it has a spring meadow feel. We noted that the lavender gracefully hides the wet dog smell that your furry friend may have at times.

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Sparkling berry

Sparkling berry is just right to cover up kitchen mishaps. Whether it’s burnt toast or smelly onions sparkling berry will make you forget all about it. In fact you’ll probably end up craving a sweet dessert once you get a whiff of those sugary berries.


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Fresh linen

Last but not least we recommend using the fresh linen fragrance in the bedroom. Although it’s not as strong as some of the other fragrances it’s still very useful. In fact this makes it perfect for the bedroom for two reasons. The first being that it smells like freshly washed bedsheets. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly washed clean linen? The second reason is that this particular fragrance is not as harsh and over powering as the others. It doesn’t feel like it’s trying to hard. Which is exactly what you need in the bedroom. You need a scent that is familiar and blends into the background. A fragrance that feels like it’s just part of the room. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not capable of covering up nasty bedroom odours in it’s own subtle way. 


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3. Eco-Vie Air Freshener

Eco-vie is a vegan brand that one of the Caavakushi team just happened to stumble across. No one on the team had tried this spray before and to everyone’s surprise it turned out to be a fabulous gem of a find. They are toxin free and handmade. The lemon works as a powerful odour neutralizer to mask strong smells. It also features peppermint that leaves a clean fresh feeling in the air. The Eco-vie air freshener is a very capable product that would make a great choice for any bathroom or kitchen.  


Eco-vie Vegan Air Freshener



2. Waft Air Freshener

Waft vegan air freshener has to be one of the Caavakushi teams favourite brands. They have quite a selection of air fresheners. The air freshener is made up of 98.5% organic essential oils. The scent the team fell in love with was the lemongrass. It’s perfect to use in the kitchen. It’s definitely strong enough to cover up kitchen mishaps without feeling overbearing. The aroma from the spray fills the air and draws you into the room. Some members of the team said it reminded them of the mouth-watering aromatic smells floating around some of the Thai restaurants they had visited. 


Waft Vegan Air Freshener

1. Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

This is basically just an air freshener that has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve. It’s made with 100% pure natural essential oils. The Caavakushi team all thought this vegan friendly air freshener was made perfectly to fit the pandemic. Everyone should be walking around with one of these in their pocket. Who knows it could just help save you from getting infected with Covid-19. It smells clean and helps us feel a little bit safer. What more could we want from an air freshener? The pureessentiels purifying air spray is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Just hearing that don’t you feel safer already? The spray easily masks unpleasant odours in no time while protecting you from viruses and bacteria. In our opinion everyone should have one of these. Do you agree?

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Do you use any of the vegan air fresheners that we mentioned in this article? What’s your favourite air freshener and fragrance? Let us know if you have tried any vegan air fresheners that we have not mentioned on our list.

Why not start your own discussion about vegan air fresheners on our new vegan forum (don’t worry it’s totally free). Feel free to reach out to us anytime on Instagram & Twitter. You can find out more about plant-based air fresheners on the Caavakushi vegan search engine.



5 Vegan Air Fresheners That Will Remove Any Odour From Your Home

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