Top 15 Vegan Burger Restaurants Los Angeles Has To Offer

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Vegan Burgers

Who doesn’t love a good fashioned old vegan burger? The entire team at Caavakushi most certainly do. If you’re anything like us and enjoy a burger with a vegan patty or two your in the right place. In this article we breakdown and review the 15 best vegan burger restaurants in Los Angeles. Warning, we can’t guarantee that this article won’t make you salivate.

Junk Food

We all love food that tastes great. But sometimes it isn’t the best option for us. Most of us know in the back of my minds that eating delicious junk food isn’t going to do our bodies any good. So why do we do it? We believe it’s because our bodies are hardwired to seek out pleasure. So eating something that tastes delicious is an instant form of gratification for us. We are driven by our desires and sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Or can we?

Health Problems

Eating too many burgers maybe great for your taste buds but have you ever sat down and thought about what it’s doing to your body? Well it’s not doing your body any favours. In fact it’s doing the opposite of that. It’s silently destroying your body. The 3 most common health conditions caused by eating an unhealthy diet are obesity, heart disease and cancer.

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It doesn’t take long to go from overweight to obese if you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle. It may feel as though it’s creeped up on you, but it hasn’t. The main cause of obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle. Which boils down to diet and exercise. If you’re not incorporating exercise into your daily routine next time you get on the scales, you might be in for a shock. But exercise isn’t the most important factor to consider in weight loss. Our eating habits have a greater impact on our bodies. Some people resort to fad diets and eating disorders to keep their weight down. Others swear by portion control. If you’re trying to lose weight or keep the weight off, think about the health implications of your eating habits. Don’t damage your body while you lose weight. Eating a healthy balanced diet should be an important part of your journey.



Heart Disease

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA? It’s more common for men to suffer from heart disease than women. Are you surprised? There are many factors that can contribute to a person having heart disease. The most common factors are family history, smoking, excessive alcohol, being overweight, lack of exercise and a poor diet. You could develop coronary artery disease from a build-up of fatty plaque in your arteries known as atherosclerosis. This fatty plaque build-up is created by unhealthy foods that can clog up your arteries. Foods such as red meat, French fries and burgers are just a few foods that can cause heart disease.


Yes we’re aware that no one wants to here the big bad C word. You know someone who has been affected by cancer. It’s an uncomfortable topic but it’s definitely one that we need to discuss. Because of poor food choices some people’s diets have propelled their health into decline. Studies have shown a high correlation between cancer and meat consumption. There is also research which supports that diets high in dairy lead to ovarian and other types of cancer.

Healthy Burgers

The good news is that not all burgers are bad for you. In fact certain burgers won’t even cause you to develop any health issues. Did you even think that could be possible? Well luckily for all of us it is. Meat free burgers are 10 times more healthier than a burger made of animal meat. Although removing the dairy from a burger and switching it out with a dairy-free option also makes a remarkable difference. Vegan cheese and vegan patties could potentially save your life.

Vegan Burger Los Angeles

America’s Burger Trends

Burgers have been a staple part of the American diet for decades. Everyone loves a  burger. Beef burgers and hamburgers have always been a popular part of the American diet. But a new trend is gaining some momentum. Meat free burgers. Vegetarian and vegan burgers are now becoming increasingly popular. With people becoming more educated about food choices the demand for the healthier burgers is slowly rising. Do you think this is just a new short-lived trend in the burger world or is it the start of a new vegan age?



American Burger Restaurants

The USA has many famous burger restaurants. They range from chains to mom and pop burger joints. They’re informal and a great place to get a quick meal at a reasonable price point. Everyone has their their own opinion on the best burger spots in town. Where was the best burger you’ve ever had?

Vegan Burgers & Fries

Top 7 Vegan Burger Restaurants In Los Angeles

There are so many burger hotspots around Los Angeles but not all of them serve vegan options. So the Caavakushi team in LA decided to investigate for you. We wanted share the places we visited and give you our honest recommendations and thoughts. Below we have 15 vegan burger restaurants that made it onto our list.

15. Astro Burger

Astro Burger is on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. This establishment has been around for 50 years. Have you heard of Astro Burger? This restaurant doesn’t have much of a color scheme in mind. The team said the food and furnishings give of strong diner vibes. This won’t be the the swankiest restaurant you will ever dine at but they’re vegan food sure tastes good. Although they’re not exclusively vegan, they’ve been serving plant-based burgers for 30 years now. Did you know that they’ve been serving vegan burgers for over 30 years? Their Garden Burger is soy-tastic. It’s filled with soy. A vegan soy patty, vegan soy mayonnaise and soy cheese. That is a lot of soy protein! Be careful to specify that you would like all vegan options, as the vegetarian and vegan menu you seems a bit confusing.

14. Plant-It Burger

It’s located on spring Street in downtown Los Angeles. Heard of it? All their burgers are plant-based. The color black is used heavily in the Plant-It-Burger premises. The team said that the Ground Earth Burger was definitely their favorite. It features impossible chilli, caramelised onions, vegan ranch and cheese sauce. Each burger is also fully customizable. If you’re too busy to leave the office they also offer delivery on a number of different apps. This is a great lunch option if you work in downtown LA. Have you tried any of their burgers?

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13. Gegen

You can find this hot spot on sunset boulevard in LA. It’s one of a few vegan burger restaurants in Los Angeles that’s 100% plant-based. The outside of Gegen reminded the Caavakushi team of a Subway sandwich shop. They think it’s because of the excessive signage in the windows. Inside has an interesting brick wall with a patch of greenery, pink roses, and a neon sign in the middle. The team felt they understood what they were going for, but it was poorly executed. The King, Queen and Mad Rooster burgers left a great impression. The King and Queen burgers are the same. The Queen burger has a single beyond Patty and the King has a double. Have you tried the Gegen burgers? The burgers secret ingredient is the house sauce. The Mad Rooster was the winner for the team with its house breaded gardein chick’n patty.

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12. Burger Lounge

The Burger Lounge has multiple vegan burger restaurants in Los Angeles. Heard of it? The team visited the Beverly Hills location. They serve meat and plant-based burgers. Green, orange, and black are the brand colors featured in the restaurant. The style is reminiscent of McDonald’s. Our team enjoyed the Flora Lounger and BL Ancient Grain Burgers. The Flora Lounge Burger has an Impossible Burger patty, BL 1000 island sauce, vegan cheddar, pickles, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. If your looking for a classic burger with all the usual trimmings the Floral Lounge Burger is for you. The BL Ancient Grain Burger has the same ingredients as the Flora Lounge Burger. the only difference is it has a BL vegan patty. Both burgers do taste different, but it would have been nice if the Burger Lounge would have put a bit more effort into sourcing different ingredients for each burger.

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11. The Vegan Joint

The Vegan Joint has three locations in Los Angeles. The restaurant our team visited is in West LA. Heard off The Vegan Joint? Everything on the menu is vegan. They also offer free pickup and delivery. A consistent theme off green and yellow brand colors is seen throughout the restaurant. The team enjoyed three of the burgers a lot more than the rest, the Fish, Lentil and Seitan Burgers. If you enjoy a Fillet-O-Fish Burger at McDonald’s, the grilled soy of The Vegan Joints Fish Burger should satisfy you. Adventurous people might want to try their Lentil Burger. The patty is made with brown rice and lentil beans. The Seitan Burger is for those who like a bit of garlic and cilantro. This burger features a grilled seitan homemade patty. Would you be bold enough to try one of these delicious burgers?

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10. My Vegan Gold

My Vegan Gold is located on sunset boulevard in Los Angeles. Tried it? Everything in this restaurant is plant-based. The yellow and green branding is ever present throughout the restaurant. According to the team both of the burgers that My Vegan Gold have to offer are uniquely scrumptious. You really have to try The Impossible Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger. The Impossible Burger has an impossible beef patty. They claimed the cashew and smoked gouda cheese melt in your mouth with every bite. The Spicy Chicken Burger also won their hearts over with the help of maple mustard. Plus both burgers are served with fries on the side.

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9. Doomie’s Home Cookin’

Doomie’s Home Cookin’ is a tasty little Hollywood secret that the Caavakushi team in LA stumbled upon. Have you been there? It’s located on Vine Street in Hollywood and free parking is available. Doomie’s makes you feel like you’re in your local hometown restaurant. A familiar, warm and welcoming atmosphere. The best burger on the menu without a shadow of a doubt has to be The Big D. This is a huge burger that features double the cheese and double the patties. Do you think you can open your jaw wide enough to take a bite of The Big D? You actually can’t go wrong with any of the burgers that you choose at Doomie’s because all the burgers come with fries.

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8. VowBurger

VowBurger’s located on North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. Their mission is to increase the accessibility off sustainable foods worldwide and help fight hunger. They have cleverly used their brand colors red and white in the restaurant through signage, packaging and red chairs. The Caavakushi team thought that the wooden wall, green plants and neon signs give off southern California vibes. If the joint definitely has a relaxing, chilled and youthful Ora. Do you think it has a laid-back California style? Fans of in-N-out Burger must try their signature VowBurger. It’s been nicknamed the Vegan in-N-out Burger. Have you tried the VowBurger? It also might be your only opportunity to try a freshly chargrilled vegan burger (there aren’t that many places that chargrill vegan burgers in the USA).

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7. Stout Burgers & Beers

This burger joint has locations in Santa Monica, Studio City and Palm Springs. The Stout Burgers & Beers the team visited was in Studio City, LA. Have you ever heard of Stout Burgers & Beers? Unfortunately, they’re not an exclusively vegan burger joint. Nevertheless, the team were impressed with the vegan burger. The Plant-Based Burger is one of the most unique vegan burgers the team has ever experienced. It contains a H.E.M.P. burger patty, avocado and habanero aioli, spicy slaw, jalapenos, and vegan pepper jack on a brioche bun. This was one of the most interesting flavor profiles that the Caavakushi team had ever had the good fortune of ever tasting in a burger. They all gushed over this burger. If you’ve got an adventurous pallet then you might want to give the Plant-Based Burger at Stouts a try. Did you like the H.E.M.P. patty?

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6. Monty’s Good Burger

Monty’s Good Burger currently has four locations in Los Angeles. Have you been to Monty’s Good Burger? The bright and engaging brand colors they use are red, white and sky blue. This chain has a 60’s old school diner feel. As soon as you walk in you feel like you’re transported back in time. This burger joint is 100% plant-based. What’s unique about this place is that the menu is fully customizable. So you could have a single, double, triple or even quadruple patty if you really wanted in your burger. What do you think of Monty’s Good Burgers? We urge you to try Monty’s Good Burger with a double impossible Patty. The house spread and the fresh artisan buns make this burger irresistible.

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5. Honeybee Burger

Honeybee burger has a few LA locations. It’s one of a few vegan burger restaurants in Los Angeles. The Caavakushi team visited the one on La Brea. They loved the aesthetic of the place. It has a clean look, with it’s white, yellow and black signature brand colors. They also enjoyed the effort put into the Lego Honeybee logo display. Honeybee burger has a 100% plant-based menu. Two juicy burgers on the Honeybee burger menu really stood out to our team. The Honeybee and The Queen Bee burgers. The Honeybee is their take on a cheeseburger. What makes this burger special is the house sauce and homemade onion jam. The Queen Bee is a super-sized Honeybee. With double the patties and cheese how could you go wrong? You can choose from beyond or impossible patties for either burger. Have you tried any of the burgers at Honeybee burger?

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4. Crossroads Kitchen

The Crossroads Kitchen is located on Melrose Avenue in LA. It’s a plant-based Mediterranean style restaurant that blew the Caavakushi team away. Have you dined there? We suggest getting a bit dressed up for this one. The Crossroads Kitchen is a fine dining establishment that serves delicious gourmet food. The team raved about this place being the most elegant restaurant on their vegan burger tour of LA. The All Grown Up Burger is on the weekday lunch menu. It’s not as big as the others that our team tried, but it sure does Pack-a-Punch. The All Grown Up Burger features a 4oz impossible burger, barbecue sauce, provolone cheese and crispy tabasco shallots. The burger comes with a choice of French fries or kale salad. Have you had the pleasure of tasting the Burger? They’re also available on most food delivery apps and provide catering as well as private dining services.

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3. Nomoo New American Burgers

Nomoo is an entirely plant-based restaurant. It’s located in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Have you heard of it? One of Nomoo’s primary brand colours is pink. The restaurant actually features a variety of bright neon colours. It’s very Instagram friendly. Nomoo definitely draws a young crowd. The burgers that really tickled the teams fancy were none other than The BBQ Facon and The Hot Chick’n. The BBQ Facon is made with a gourmet brioche, American cheese, house-made bacon, an impossible Patty, secret barbecue sauce and fried onion strings. You should really give this burger a go if you love facon. The Hot Chick’n consists of gourmet brioche, pickles, house-made chick’n, house slaw and Nashville hot special sauce. This is definitely one for all the plant-based chick’n lovers out there. Which burger would you try?

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2. Veggie Grill

The Veggie grill is a franchise restaurant with multiple locations across the USA. Visited a Veggie Grill? Everything at these vegan burger restaurants in Los Angeles is plant-based. The Caavakushi team checked out the Encino location. The brand colors are orange, white, black, and green. It looks like a typical fast food chain restaurant. Two burgers particularly stood out to the team. The House Veggie and the Steakhouse Burger. The House Veggie Burgers patty is made in house with black beans and mushrooms. The team believe the pepper Jack cheese, arugula and chipotle aioli are what made this burger taste great. The perfect choice for someone who enjoys a bean burger. The Steakhouse Burger with its beyond Patty had a positive impact on our team. The blue cheese crumbles and horseradish aioli were a hit. If you’re a fan off blue cheese this one’s for you. Tried their burgers?

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1. Burgerlords

Burgerlords is 100% vegan with two LA locations Chinatown, and highland Park. Been to either? The brand colors red and white are used in its signage and patio. It’s a far cry from dining at a Michelin star restaurant. But that doesn’t mean the burgers doesn’t taste just as good if not better. Our team were delighted by two of their burgers. The Burgerlords Burger and Brainburner. You tried these plant-based burgers? The Burgerlords Burger is a classic burger. The 2000 island sauce makes this a delicious unique burger. The Brainburner was a winner for the Caavakushi team. One of the best burgers the team has eaten in LA. Our team sure do love a fiery burger. Spicy burger fans gotta get their hands on one of these. The Brainburner is packed with Jalapeno’s and chili peppers that will set your mouth on fire. Would you try it?

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Have you tried a plant-based burger from any of these vegan burger restaurants in Los Angeles? What’s your go-to vegan burger joint in LA? If you’ve got something to say about your top vegan burger spot let us know on Instagram or Twitter. Find out what others think about their local vegan burgers or recommend yours on our free new vegan forum. You can find more vegan burger hot spots near you on the Caavakushi vegan search engine.



Top 15 Vegan Burger Restaurants Los Angeles Has To Offer

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