Vegan Body Lotion For Dry Skin On A Budget You Can’t Live Without

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Vegan Body Lotions For Dry Skin 

February leading into March is when the temperatures significantly start to change all around the world. This can cause potential problems for your skin. It’s definitely the time of year when you need to change up your skincare routine and find the perfect vegan body lotion to nourish and heal your skin. Do you already have a skincare regime? Your skin has to last you an entire lifetime so investing in it will pay off handsomely in the years to come. Wouldn’t you agree?

Causes Of Dry Skin

Dry skin conditions vary considerably from person to person. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to external stimulus. The harsh chemicals we use on a daily basis such as cleaning products can damage the delicate ph of our skin. Which can result in changes to the skins appearance or even serious reactions. So it’s important to keep it protected, clean and moisturised at all times.


Weather can have a major impact on the texture of your skin. Cold climates can leave your skin dry and ashy. If it is not adequately moisturised and hydrated it may cause an issue. Grey dull ashy skin tone, itchiness, cracked, redness and flakiness are all warning signs that your skin is dry and in distress. You need to hydrate with water and moisturise your skin immediately.


So looking after your skin and keeping it healthy is imperative and the foods you eat play a huge roll. Certain foods can act as a trigger if you have an underlying dry skin condition such as eczema. Eating foods like tomatoes, cinnamon, gluten and wheat may cause a flare up to occur. Sometimes a poor diet can also manifest in the form of dry skin. If you lack vitamin A in your diet you may end up suffering from dry skin. This may also be a symptom of other problems in your body.



Health Conditions

Some health conditions that dry skin maybe a symptom or warning sign of are autoimmune diseases. Dry skin is seen in a lot of patients suffering from an auto immune disorder called Sjogren Syndrome. A few symptoms that may be caused by this disease are dry mouth, dry eyes, dry itchy skin, joint and muscle pain. There are many more conditions that dry skin may be a symptom of such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and diabetes to name but a few. So it may be a good idea to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any other symptoms.


Clothing can also play a huge role in your skins health. For people suffering from contact dermatitis or eczema your choice of clothing and accessories can really affect the way your skin reacts. Beware that fake jewellery or harsh materials like polyester or wool may trigger a reaction from your skin.


Genetics play a huge part in the life of our skin. If you have biological parents in your life take a look at their skin. When you reach their age that’s probably what your skin is going to look like. If they have dry skin issues be prepared, do your research and get ready because it might be coming your way.


At certain times extreme emotional states can cause our bodies to react in different ways. Stress can trigger a reaction from the entire body. Stress can manifest on your skin in the form of acne, wrinkles and even dry skin.



How To Easily Find Vegan Body Cream Options

With all that said and done finding a cruelty-free vegan body lotion for dry skin can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look. With so many new vegan skincare products on the market now things can get a little confusing. Not to mention awfully expensive. Articles, dermatologists and recommendations from friends or family have always been the best way to pick the right cruelty-free skincare products for you. But does that really help when you’re on a budget? More confused? So we did the research for you, to help save your valuable time and effort. Don’t worry we didn’t compromise on quality. We hunted down and tested the best quality vegan lotion choices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. But if you find our recommendations are not within your budget you can always search for more great options on the Caavakushi vegan search engine.   

Animal Testing

It is quite unfortunate that some big skincare brands still feel the need to use products that are tested on animals or use ingredients that are derived from animals. These are totally unnecessary as their vegan ingredient counterparts do exactly the same job if not better. Why are we still using animals in the skincare industry when there is no need for them? Is 2021 going to see a change in the old school attitudes off skincare brands when it comes to the use of animals? Will cruelty-free products still be available to us in years to come?


Searching for Vegan Lotion for dry skin on a budget

How We Can Help

Those with dry skin know all too well the repercussions of not using the right skincare products. The slightest change of climate can wreak havoc on your skin. Here at Caavakushi we have a few team members that are unfortunately suffering from dry skin. So we thought we’d try to find out which plant-based body creams are the best for their skin type. With that being said we are well aware that a lot of people have suffered great financial loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So we decided to look for a lotion that would work well for people on a budget. We had each team member who suffers from dry skin test the vegan body creams. They all pretty much came to the same conclusion about which lotions performed the best.

You can always find out more about these creams and others by searching them on the Caavakushi Vegan search engine.

Join The Organic Future Certified Body Lotion With Aloe Vera & Acerola Berry

This plant-based organic certified vegan body lotion from Join The Organic Future nourishes your skin from head to toe. The formula is moisturises with refreshing notes of purity. Aloe vera contained in this product is perfect for soothing and calming dry skin. The aloe vera is beautifully complemented with the addition of the acerola berries which are rich in vitamin C. The berries help rejuvenate and revitalize the dry skin. Cocoa butter is another key ingredient used in this lotion. The cocoa butter keeps the dry skin nourished and hydrated. Each cylindrical ecolable bottle is 250ml and has a black and orange theme. The lotion itself is a soft apricot tone in colour. It features a black pump top which is very convenient if you don’t enjoy opening and closing your lotion bottle. 




All the Caavakushi team members that participated in this focus group loved the fragrance off this product. They also found when using this lotion that their skin was nourished for a few hours. The dry sensation off the skin was washed away with the application off the cream. After applying the lotion the skin did not look ashy or flaky for at least a few hours. Frequent reapplication of the cream was required to maintain the desired results for longer periods.


What they didn’t like about this particular vegan body lotion was the fact that it was only 250ml. Most of them preferred a larger bottle due to the repeated use of the product. The cream would probably begin to run out quite quickly if they used it on large areas of their skin or their entire body.

Join the Organic future vegan body lotion is definitely a great choice for someone on a budget. It’s also great for those who need the cream for certain large dry patches of skin on their body.

Cuderm Lotion

The Cuderm lotion is a cruelty-free vegan body lotion. It contains 300ml of lotion and is housed conveniently in a white bottle with a pump head. The outer packaging is nothing fancy, just a plain white box. One of the key ingredients of this vegan body lotion is colloidal oatmeal. If you’re worried about it reacting with your skin don’t as this product is hypoallergenic. Another reason it won’t cause any further irritation to your delicate skin is because this lotion is alcohol and paraben-free.


The Caavakushi team loved the fact that this particular lotion has a easy-to-use pump head. They were also happy to get a lot more lotion for their buck. Some of the team have an aversions to certain scents so they were pleasantly surprised to find out that this particular lotion is also fragrance-free. Most of the team noticed that the lotion calmed their dry skin down few minutes after application.

This lotion is a good option for people who suffer from dry skin on large areas of their body. It relieves the irritation and quickly calms the skin. Cuderm is truly an inexpensive and effective choice for your dry skin.

Dry Skin body lotion



Cuderm Cream

Not to be outshined by its sibling (Cuderm Lotion) this cream also performed well in our trial. In fact we would definitely go as far as to say the cream is the twin of the Cuderm Lotion. Its performance matched that of the lotion in every category that we tested for. Even the packaging looks almost identical. The only real difference between both products we noted was in the packaging. The cream uses a slightly different colour scheme than the lotion. The cream is represented by blue, black and white and the lotion by blue, black, white and slight touch of pink. Did we mention that they’re also roughly the same price?


Both lotion and cream are light, so they don’t feel heavy and thick on application. So if you’re struggling to choice between the cream or the lotion don’t. They’re both equally as effective as the other at every turn. 

Frankly it left the Caavakushi team totally puzzled as to why one is marketed as a cream and the other as a lotion. If anyone has answers or theories as to why this is, we would love to hear from you so we can finally put this mystery to bed once and for all. 

Unisantis – Frankincense Body Cream

If you’re looking to purchase a great budget lotion for your dry skin this is an excellent option. Not only does it boast an unusual name but it also has some fancy ingredients. Some might even venture to say the ingredients of wise men! Intrigued yet? Didn’t the three wise men present baby Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh? Well now it’s you’re skins turn to be showered with the gift of frankincense.


This lotion was particularly exciting for the test team at Caavakushi as we had never come across a vegan dry skin cream with frankincense before. The team noted the cream worked well on most parts of the body. The cream also felt thick and luxurious in texture.  




As exciting as the ingredients are the Caavakushi team were left unimpressed by the lack of creativity that was put into the design of the packaging. The small circular black jar is draped with what looks like a printed label. Not what we expected from a cream containing frankincense. The other point of contention we had with this cream is the volume. It’s only 50ml, so you can only imagine that we didn’t get as much use as we wanted out of it. Which was very disappointing as the product itself wasn’t too shabby. It’s roughly the same price as the other lotions we’ve mentioned. It does however become very costly when you compare it to the size of the other lotions we talked about in this article.

It’s a great budget cream for small areas of dry skin, not because it doesn’t work well on larger areas, but due to the small amount of cream in each jar.

Vegan dry skin body lotion

Which One Should You Pick?

We think you should consider which budget lotion would be right for your dry skin. If you have smaller patches you may want to consider Unisantis Frankincense Body Cream. On the other hand if you have dry skin issues all over Cuderm Cream or its twin might be the best option for you.

Your Thoughts

If you’ve tried any of these vegan body lotions for your dry skin issues we’d love to know which brand worked the best for you. We also want to hear what lotions have worked well for your dry skin in the past. You can find other budget vegan dry skin creams and lotions that can help you sooth and heal your skin on the Caavakushi vegan search engine.



Vegan Body Lotion For Dry Skin On A Budget You Can’t Live Without

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