15 Halloween Vegan Candy UK Options To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

Halloween Vegan Candy Love Hearts & Refreshers

The Past

In the past, plant-based individuals had a very small pool to chose from when it came to Halloween vegan candy options in the UK and essentially around the world. Now thanks to the growing popularity of veganism, the confectionary industry is creating vegan options. Many of the top sweets and chocolate brands are now offering plant-based alternatives to their customers and business is dooming. The plant-based candy industry is growing rapidly by the day and is projected to grow 3 to 4 times larger in the coming year. No wonder the confectionary industry is putting so much of their resources into growing this lucrative new income stream as quickly as they can. As candy companies compete to dominate the new world of vegan candy we will see more and more options available to us by next Halloween.

Halloween Vegan Candy Holiday Packaging

The team at Caavakushi has noticed that although we do have ample options available this year for vegans on Halloween there seems to be one essential element missing. We can’t seem to find many vegan sweets or chocolates in the UK with Halloween themed branding on the packaging. Don’t get us wrong we are so very grateful to have plant-based options available to us because this was not our reality just a few years ago.

Mainstreaming Vegan Candy

In order for us to know that vegan candy has really made it into the mainstream a few things would have to happen. Number one plant-based candy options would be seen in all stores in the UK and around the world. They would be stocked in the same quantities as their dairy counterparts. Secondly we feel as though the moment we see a large volume of candy companies producing holiday themed packaging (e.g. for Halloween, Christmas & Easter) for vegan products that’s the moment we’ll know that vegan candy has made it into the mainstream and isn’t going away anytime soon. For fans of vegan sweets & chocolates it would truly be a momentous achievement. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Best Halloween Vegan Candy Options In The UK

If you love candy as much as the Caavakushi team you’re definitely in the right place. This year the team had the tough and gurgling job of taste testing vegan sweets and chocolates to find the best vegan Halloween candy available on the market in the UK. We have compiled a selection of Halloween vegan candy that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. So without further ado we’re here to help satisfy your Halloween vegan candy cravings. Below is our list of the best vegan candy options for Halloween.



15. Vegan Bon Bag

Want a 1 litre bag of vegan sweets this Halloween? If the answer is yes then we have you covered. This is a huge bag of pick & mix vegan sweets that would be ideal to give out to trick or treaters this Halloween. Just in case your not convinced these bags are filled with popular plant-based sweets that aren’t normally available for vegans. Our favourites were the fizzy teddy bears, cherry cola bottles and the peach rings.   


Vegan Candy Bon Bag

14. Super Sweets Vegan Jellies

This colourful vegan candy option is perfect for those who love sweets. These treats with their interesting shapes and vibrant colours are a fun option for kids on Halloween. They make a great snack for those hoping to stay in and watch a horror movie or two this Halloween. There is nothing quite like a sugar rush and horror films to get the heart beat racing and adrenaline pumping.


Super Sweets Vegan Jellies

13. Tasty Candy

These chewy candy’s taste just as good as their non-vegan counterparts. This pick & mix vegan candy bag is also halal, kosher and gluten free. They would make such a great edition to any kids vegan Halloween candy collection. We recommend that you try the rainbow coloured sugar coasted spirals, they’re truly mind blowing. 

Vegan Candy Mega Bag


12. Luxury Vegan Chocolate Creams 

The team noticed that there wasn’t much luxury to be seen in the packaging of these vegan chocolate creams. Although they were individually wrapped in an assortment of colours there was nothing that really screamed luxury about these treats to us. To be honest they also look a lot more like biscuits than chocolates. They have an interesting sweet soft texture. With the delicious vegan chocolate on the outside and sweetness on the inside it’s a match made in heaven. These treats are definitely too good to give out to trick or treaters. We think they would be best enjoyed during a Halloween movie marathon night. 


Luxury Vegan Candy Chocolate Creams 


11. Hotel Chocolate 45% Nutmilk Chocolate Batons

Hotel Chocolate is one of the most recognizable names in the UK chocolate game. If your looking to treat yourself or someone special this Halloween you might want to consider a vegan option from this chocolate brand. But bare in mine this high quality chocolate does come with a expensive price tag. If you have a lot of people to buy for this brand could really burn a large hole in your pocket. If you are in fact looking for luxury vegan Halloween candy, then you might want to give hotel chocolates 45% Nutmilk Chocolate Batons a try. It’s made up of 45% cacao and has a very rich and luxurious taste. If your used to high quality chocolate it’s probably right for you. 


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10. Organic Chocolate Mulberries

Chocolate Mulberries, what a fancy name. But does the taste even match up to this chocolates regal name? Before we jump ahead and discuss the flavour of this particular Halloween vegan candy option lets talk a bit about this chocolates appearance. The Caavakushi team were all in agreement that this was definitely one of the worst looking vegan chocolates that we have ever come across. Some of the team thought that it resembled a walnut and others suggested it looked like a clump of mud. So needless to say we as a team weren’t all that impressed by its exterior. Fortunately the sweet treat managed to redeem itself in the taste department. It has somewhat of a unique taste and certainly is a great conversation starter if served at any Halloween party. 


Organic Chocolate Mulberries

9. Rubydoobys Vegan Sweets Pouch

Rubydoobys is another wonderful plant-based pick & mix selection. We loved the fact that this treats packaging is 100% plastic free. Their vegan sweet box contains a colossal 1.3kg of vegan candy. This should surely be enough to feed all your trick or treaters this Halloween. The banana buds, tongue painters, meerkats, sour octopus and twin cherries are just some of our favourites in this bag of goodies.


Halloween Vegan Candy Pouch

8. Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon

If your a fan of the British reality tv show Made In Chelsea then you might have heard of the sweets brand Candy Kittens. It was created by one of the stars of the show Jamie Laing. We also might venture to say that Jamie has confectionary running in his blood. That’s because he is a descendent of the McVitie’s digestive biscuits creator. This refreshing watermelon flavour is also gluten free and made with all natural fruit juices. Weighing in at only 54 grams, this maybe a good option to give your kids this Halloween if you aren’t keen on them eating to much candy.


Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon


7. The Vegan Candy Man

You can’t go wrong with the vegan candy man sweets. It’s the treat of all treats for people who love sugar. This massive 1kg bag full of fizzy vegan sweets could send almost anyone spiralling into a sugar coma. So the team thought that a few of these sugar encrusted candy’s in each trick or treaters bag should certainly suffice. 


The Vegan candy man


6. Sugar finery

The Caavakushi team was very impressed with the beautiful and elegant duck egg green packaging of the sugar finery sweets. It’s just a shame that not all of this brands candy is vegan. The pick & mix gift box is by far the best vegan choice that they currently have available. It has a bit of everything, which means there is something for everyone tucked away in it’s classy packaging. This box also gets points because it comes in a selection of 4 different sizes. If you’re off to a friends sophisticated Halloween party this year, the pick & mix gift box with it’s gold trimmings will definitely dazzle your host. 


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5. Cocoa Nib Nights Vegan Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Truffles With Cocoa Nibs

These amazing plant-based chocolate truffles are surely a treat you want to share with the one you love on Halloween. They are just way too good to share with too many people. Each truffle melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. The best way for you and your significant other to share these coco nib nights would be while watching a scary movie on Halloween accompanied by a glass of vegan red wine.


Cocoa Nib Nights Vegan Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Truffles with Cocoa nibs

4. Vegan Gummies Spooky Sweet Pouch

Who isn’t a fan of vegan gummies? These sugary treats are just the perfect thing for your kids this Halloween. Although they have a huge selection of vegan Halloween candy to chose from there is one sweet pouch that stood out more than the others. Their eco friendly spooky sweet pouch is the ultimate vegan Halloween treat. With 900 grams of fizzy Dracula teeth and green sour skulls Halloween might taste a bit scarier this year.

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3. Candy Kittens Vegan Sweets, Wild Strawberry

Yet another tasty treat created by the brand Candy Kittens. If you love strawberries this treat will definitely be right up your alley. Incredibly these sweets are only 54g and contain just 0.1 grams of fat. This sounds too good to be true. It’s sweet, sugary and addictive flavour will surely satisfy your Halloween vegan candy cravings. It’s a great Halloween option for you and your kids. 

Candy Kittens Vegan Candy, Wild Strawberry


2. Sugar Sin Love Hearts

The team absolutely fell head over heels for sugar sin’s vegan love hearts. Most of our team are from a certain generation where love heart sweets were all the crazy for kids. So this one was extremely nostalgic, it took most of the Caavakushi team on a trip back down memory lane. Eating these delightful sweet love hearts overwhelmed most of us with emotion. All our childhood memories came flooding back with just one taste. We strongly recommend sharing these treats on Halloween with someone who would appreciate their sentimental value. You could even draw inspiration for a retro vegan love hearts Halloween custom from these sugary pieces of candy. 

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1. Equality Street

We had to make room for this box of plant-based delights, this was purely because we loved it’s name (equality street). Fortunately that’s not all that we loved about this treat. It’s multicoloured assortment of 84 plant-based sweets and chocolates wowed the team. The box includes a candy guide to help you pick the right vegan candy for you. As a whole the team enjoyed the selection of 10 different flavoured fondant chocolates. This Halloween if you’ve decided to stay in with the family, this brightly coloured selection of vegan friendly goodies would be the perfect treat to share between you and the kids.

Equality Street vegan candy


What did you think of our selection of Halloween plant-based candy options? Do you feel we left any of the list? What are your favourite vegan sweets or chocolates to indulge in on Halloween? Let us know what you think on Twitter and Instagram. Find more Halloween vegan candy options on the Caavakushi vegan search engine. You can also share your favourite Halloween vegan candy choices on the Caavakushi vegan forum. We hope you enjoy your vegan friendly Halloween.



15 Halloween Vegan Candy UK Options To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

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